After their studies in catering and hospitality at the renowned Istituto Alberghiero “Pellegrino Artusi” in Riolo Terme, Mirko Conti and Angelo Randi started working in Italy as well as abroad, gaining experience in award-winning restaurants, such as Gualtiero Marchesi’s, Mirko Rocca’s “La Locanda di Bagnara”, and “Grissini” at the Hyatt Carlton Tower in London.

After working very well together in another restaurant, they decided to team up, and took the opportunity to reopen the historical restaurant “La Grotta” in Brisighella, where chefs Vincenzo Cammerucci and Bruno Barbieri once won the prestigious Michelin Star.

What they pictured in 2011 when they first started has now become reality: in a unique and stunning location, a restaurant where you can get good value for your money, while treating yourself with high-quality delicacies at the same time, together with a friendly staff attentive to your needs.